Friday, August 26, 2022

More Shorebirds at CJ Brown

 Following another message from the Clark County Birder's group, I headed over to CJ Brown. The text noted that a Willet, a Ruddy Turnstone, and an American Golden Plover were near the beach in  drainage ditch.
When I arrived, one of the birders, Dan, told me that a maintenance truck had inadvertently flushed to Willet. 
I decided to wait a bit and sat on the concrete to watch some Terns as well as some Pectoral Sandpipers working the shoreline. Sure enough, the Willet returned....first to the shore, then it traveled back to the ditch. It don't know what was so enticing there, but I left after watching the Willet, the Turnstone, and several Killdeer and Mockingbirds have an excellent morning feast!


American Golden Plover

Lesser Yellowlegs

Ruddy Turnstone

Pectoral Sandpiper

Caspian Tern

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