Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Our Travels as Seen from the Navigator Seat....

 Well, I shot over 5000 images on our 5,000 mile trip. We traveled from Ohio to Canyonland in Utah, then on to visit our son & family in Southern California. From there, we went southeast through Arizona,  New Mexico and Texas. David drove every single mile. I offered to drive, but he assured me he was quite happy with me being navigator/photographer. 
Just for fun, here are some of the shots I took through the drivers side window. 

Milky Way at Arches National Park and White Sands National Park

Just returned from  a 5,000 mile trip in our RV out west. More later, but here's a couple of  Milky Way shots.

Milky Way at Arches National Park

Milky Way at White Sands National Park