Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Buck Creek State Park Re-do

We hit the road this morning at a bit after 7am....light was beginning to improve. Crossing over Robert Eastman Rd, it was amazing to see a frozen mist over the surface of the lake. The 45+ degree drop in air temp combined with the lake's warmer temp created a lake effect in essence. As we headed down the slope toward the marina, this is the view we caught....the full moon getting ready to set and hiding behind the clouds of mist over the lake. It was amazing and beautiful!

After driving out of the marina, we saw a couple of bucks battling....we weren't able to get clear shots, but enjoyed watching them!

After following our regular route through the park, we stopped back in the area where we saw the battling bucks earlier, and found the apparent winner spending time with his lady. 

He didn't get by without some wounds...note the abraided area on his foreleg, and some blood. 

Buck Creek State Park Deer Quest

An early snowstorm moved in yesterday, breaking records for temperatures and snowfall for this date in November. We watched the snow coming down and planned to be out at daybreak in the morning to catch some views of bucks at Buck Creek State Park. 
When the alarm clock sounded, we checked the weather outside and snow was still coming down fairly heavily. So....we just stayed in bed and planned on heading out for some late afternoon looks. 
I'm glad we did, since we captured this gorgeous sunset at the Buck Creek State Park Marina. 

As we drove throughout the park, we did see a few deer....mostly does, and one skittish buck.