Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Another Spring Weekend

Here's an Osprey from Old Reid Park:

It didn’t hesitate to snatch a carp from the pond right in front of us!

While watching the Osprey, this Coot tried to look cute to see if we would toss some bread…

The Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher was curious.

And eventually headed back to the treetops….

Owletts....Now Young Adults

Colorful Birds

I was able to spend a short time at George Rogers Clark Park….was able to see Northern Parula, Blue Headed Vireo, and Indigo Bunting.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Aliens are growing (Great Horned Owlets)

Just 9 days after our last visit, we took advantage of the warm Sunday afternoon and visited the Prairie’s Edge owletts. Amazing how much they’re!
Mom was no where in sight, but that’s not surprising….I doubt that she can fit in the nest with the chicks at this point. Notice that they are staring to get their “horns.”

Some Weekend Birds

A Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher from Prairie’s Edge.

A Caspian Tern from Buck Creek State Park…

A Common Loon from Buck Creek….

A Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker from Ferncliff Cemetery…..

Flying Squirrels...Rocky Lives!

After our walk to see the owletts, Lynda mentioned that her husband had informed her that flying squirrels were living in a nesting box on the property. Lynda gently tapped the box with her walking stick and out popped not one, but two flying squirrels.
I had never seen one up close and personal, but these were simply adorable…..I can easily understand why folks have begun keeping Sugar Gliders as pets….
Here, Rocky peeps around the tree trunk to see if we’re still nearby.

In this shot you can see the flaps of skin that allow the squirrel to glide.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Great Horned Owl's Nest

Our visit to the Great Horned Owl nest on Friday with friend Lynda Pauley (of Prairie’s Edge Art Studio) revealed just how fast these chicks are growing.
This is a look a week prior….we were barely able to see the fuzzy heads popped up in the nest.

One week later here’s what we saw….

Can’t wait until this week’s visit!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Swan Wars

We headed out Friday morning on our usual drive…..stopping at Old Reid first. That was a good decision, since we were able to witness some interesting swan behavior.
The resident pastor Mute Swans were defending their territory from another pair, which we had seen fling in from over the lake a bit earlier. David was able to get some great shots of the flyover.

This swan is going after one of the intruders….he’s leaving a wake!

He’s showing his stuff after chasing off the other swans.

Once the intruders were gone, our resident swans met up to congratulate themselves.

Golden Crowned Kinglet

Here’s a cute little harbinger of spring…..a Gold Crowned Kinglet!
I was watching some ducks, when I heard a familiar call from the nearby brush.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ross' Goose

This goose was cohorting with some geese at SR 334 and Middle Urbana Rd in Clark County….not sure if it is a Ross’ or a Ross’/Snow Hybrid. I will post to the Ohio Bird List for an ID.