Sunday, September 3, 2023

Auroras and the Mighty Mack Bridge

This was our first visit to the Mackinaw area. We scouted yesterday knowing that the KP index (measurement of the strength of the magnetic impulse from a sunspot and predictor of aurora potential) was going to be up to 5. My dream was to get pics of the aurora over the bridge. We arrived at Old Mackinaw Lighthouse Point well before sundown last evening, and shot lots of pics of folks enjoying the sunset. We shot more of the bridge as dusk encroached, and darkness finally arrived. We captured some fireworks being shot off from the St. Ignace side. Then, just before 9pm, we caught our first glimpse of the aurora. It was a tear-jerking moment. It became intense enough for us to see some pillars (intense vertical streaks of light)! The auroras faded (as predicted) as the waning full moon rose....and using my fisheye lens, I was able to catch the moon with the bridge and the fading auroras. Thank you to David for fulfilling a dream and sharing an amazing night!