Thursday, March 26, 2020

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Flight Practice

More flight shot practice today with the Olympus EM1 M3 and Zuiko 300mm. I am using the C-AF Track mode, which locks focus on a subject and tracks it. A green box around the subject indicates that it is in focus, and if focus is lost the box turns red. 
There's a low spot in the corn field across the road from us, that becomes a duck pond in the spring. Since we had good light today, I took advantage of the opportunity and pulled my car off of the road parallel to the water. Although it's just across the road, the ducks tolerate the car, whereas if I walk over, they fly. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Killdeer flight shot

Crazy Coots!

American Coots at Old Reid in Clark County yesterday.
Sometimes when I watch them, I understand where the saying "Crazy as a Coot" comes from.
An excerpt from Wildlife Center of Texas:
"Some animal sayings make sense, “busy as a bee”; while others “she eats like a bird” couldn’t be further from the truth. Birds are gluttons since they must have the energy to sustain flight, so if she “ate like a bird”, she’d be quite round. Maybe the familiar saying, “crazy as a coot” has more to do with the dichotomy between the peaceful bird quietly paddling in the middle of the pond and the aggressive display as it runs over the water towards its target flapping its wings and screaming wildly. The Doctor Jekyll personality is relaxing to watch, but the occasional burst of Mr. Hyde is quite entertaining."
If you've never seen those big green feet, they look like they were borrowed from a cartoon character. Coots are fun to watch and they may be crazy, but I think they're pretty clever and fun regardless!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

American Kestrel

We were doing our little drive-about and headed down Hodge Rd, in Clark County to check on the eagle nest there. This Kestrel was perched on the telephone line, and was fearless as we approached. When we stopped, he flew down and perched on cat-tails at eye level. 
I added the 2x converter to my Olympus EM1 Mark 3 and Zuiko 300mm combo and took some shots. I didn't plan on them being much...he was fairly distant, it was windy, and background separation wasn't great. 
Up ok n pulling up the images, I was ppl pleasantly surprised that there were salvageable...processed with Topaz AI Denoise and AI Sharpen.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

CJ Brown Evening Walk and the Moon!

We had our evening walk at CJ Brown tonight, and caught a lovely sunset. I love watching folks enjoy our local park. These folks were enjoying the sunset with their dogs. 

One of the coolest moments was catching images of a plane passing in front of the nearly full moon. 
I was using the Olympus EM1 Mark 3 with the Zuiko 300mm lens and MC-20 2x converter...because of the 2x crop factor of the micro 4/3 camera, I was effectively shooting at 1200mm....handheld. I've been amazed by the sharpness of this combo, and was not to be disappointed. 
As we walked, we watched about a dozen planes passing close, but never in front of the moon. We were almost back to the car when we noticed a plane moving in a vector that looked like it had a good potential. Here's some images....we were both cheering when we saw the results on the camera LCD screen. 
Why did this image work so well? Normally, an image of a plane in front of the moon would just show a silhouette of the plane due to the backlighting of the moon and no light on the plane. The moon and the plane would both be in focus; as both are at the infinity focus plane of the lens. However, as you can see in the image above (which was shot about fifteen minutes after the plane images) there was a gorgeous sunset going on. The sunset was directly behind me as I tracked the plane. This allowed the plane to be bathed in the lovely light. I couldn't have planned this better.....and I will admit that I hadn't planned it at all....just a lucky sequence of events!

After posting on Ohio Wildlife and Nature, several commenters noted that the plane is a C-17 Globemaster from Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Wright Pat Command requested and was provided with images for use in their publications!

The image also won a "Best of the Month" on the Universe of Color Photography site. 

I've added more of the sequence (roughly every 3rd image)....straight out of the camera with only my logo added. Unreal details in the plane due to the reflected light!
Click to enlarge. 


We saw on the Ohio Bird List that some American White Pelicans were sighted at CJ Brown Reservoir at the north end of the lake. Our first stop was at the Grant Rd access road.  We walked back the 1/2 mile road, only to find that a helicopter flying over had flushed the pelicans.
We could still see them, and decided to try the Mechanicsburg Rd. access to get a better look.
After walking back that trail, we had a pretty good view of the 7 Pelicans. We watched them for a while until they headed back towards the north end of the lake.

Friday, March 6, 2020

Redwings are back!!

Some Redwing Blackbird images from CJ Brown Reservoir. 

Using the C-AF Tracking mode on the Olympus EM1 Mark3 with the Zuiko 300mm. 

This one had me laughing....looks like they are in battle formation.