Friday, July 12, 2024

Cedar Bog Lovelies!

Some looks from my walk at Cedar Bog today. It was a great day for Spideys, and I'm still seeing the Elfin Skimmers. 
It's always a treat to see Elfin Skimmers....the smallest North American Dragonfly. Cedar bog is one of the few spots in Ohio to see them!
I was fortunate to share my walk with Cathy from Detroit. She was visiting Cedar Bog, hoping to see some new Dragonflies and Damselflies. Her sharp eyes spotted a couple of these spiders!

Arrowhead Orbweaver

Elfin Skimmer (male)

Elfin Skimmer (female)

Long-tailed Giant Ichneumonid Wasp

Spined Micrathena Spider

Emerald Jumping Spider

Emerald Jumping Spider

Emerald Jumping Spider

Spined Micrathena Spider

Labyrinth Orbweaver

Paiute Dancer

Seepage Dancer

Saturday, July 6, 2024

American Rubyspot Damselflies

 American Rubyspots are Damselflies that prefer a stream habitat. They can be found along Buck Creek here in Clark County. Males are a brilliant metallic red with gold trim, and females are a bronze to greenish color. Although there are approximately 40 species of Rubyspots, the American Rubyspots are the only ones that can be found in our county. A few from yesterday.