Sunday, May 3, 2020

Shawnee Lookout

We visited Shawnee Lookout yesterday. Beautiful weather with sun and reaching a high of almost 80 degrees. My goal was to photograph some Cerulean Warblers, as there's a large nesting population there. 
Photographing them posed a few problems....first off, they like to stay high in the treetops. On the first leg of the Miami Fort Trail, I waited patiently for about 45 minutes, hearing males on territory singing, but not coming down from the treetops. 
We moved on and about a quarter mile later we reached a point where the trail edge was a sharp drop-off. Here, the Ceruleans were almost at eye level. In addition to watching and protographing the male, we got good looks and a couple of images of the female as well. What a treat! 

A rare treat to watch interactions between a pair. 

Easy to see why the female Cerulean Warbler is hard to spot. They blend in with the spring foliage

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