Thursday, May 7, 2020

Farmer's Moon

Last night's almost full moon from our upstairs window. A farmer was taking advantage by working the fields. 
I get a lot of questions on how to shoot an image like this one, so decided to relate my techniques.
You have two can shoot two images and combine in a composite, or one shot with some gradient editing. This shot is the later. The key for both techniques is to use spot metering on the moon. 
If doing two shots, you must use spot metering on the first shot of the moon, checking exposure to make sure that there's detail in the moon surface. Then, shoot a second image, metering the background. You can then combine in your editing program and adjust the layers to best show the moon. Note that this type of image works best at twilight rather than in full darkness. 
For a one-shot image like this one, I spot metered the moon. That, of course, underexposed the foreground. I pulled the image into Luminar 4, and using the adjustable gradient tool, I pulled up the exposure and saturation in the fields, and optimized the exposure of the moon. 

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