Friday, February 19, 2021

More Eagles!

 This afternoon we took our usual drive through Old Reid and Buck Creek State Park. Lovely snow scenes, but we saw a few assorted birds and a few deer. 
After leaving the park, we headed over to Hodge Rd, hoping to see the Eagles nested there. Though we looked around at the nearby trees and at both nests, we did not see any Eagles.
We were both getting hungry, so decided to head towards Urbana to get some pizza and cut down a couple of backroads. We saw a large flock of crows and slowed down to see what they were agitated about. Across the road from them was a deer carcass....with two adult Eagles feasting on it!
We approached slowly, expecting them to launch, but they stayed at the carcass....apparently their meal took precedence. This was our first look....

We slowly moved forward and the Eagles continue to feast. 

We were able to watch and photograph them for about 10 minutes.....amazing!!