Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Snowy Egret at Old Reid Park

     There was an unusual visitor to Old Reid on Monday.....a Snowy Egret!
While not a rare sighting, even during migration, Snowy Egrets don't often stop here in Clark County, so it was a treat to watch this one in our own local park. 

    Wind storms, snow storms and other weather activities sometimes drive birds like this Snowy Egret off of their regular migration routes. Here's the map showing their regular and migrational ranges from Cornell's All About Birds site:

Yesterday, the Snowy perched on logs and waded in the shallows at Old Reid. It tried to hang out with the resident Great Blue Heron. When the Great Blue flew to another area of the ponds and landed on a shallow rock bar, the Snowy Egret followed and tried to stay with it. The Snowy Egret's much smaller size can be seen here. 

We checked last evening, and did not see the Snowy at Old Reid....no doubt, it is off to join up with fellow Snowys heading to migrational grounds!


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