Monday, July 13, 2020

Comet NEOWISE Over CJ Brown Reservoir

Comet NEOWISE can be seen this month in the northeast sky from about 3:30am until sunrise.
I planned to shoot it over CJ Brown Reservoir, hoping to catch the lake's glow and the marina lights.
We arrived about 03:40, and this shot was taken at 03:53. 
I used the Olympus EM1 Mark3 in Starry Sky mode for both shots. The first was taken using the Panasonic 8-18mm lens at F. 2.8. Exposure was 3.2 seconds at iso 2000. The wide angle allowed me to capture some of the rocky shoreline in the foreground. 

This shot was taken with the Zuiko 300mm lens at F4, and again at iso 2000 for a 3.2 second exposure. 

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