Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Planets and Moon Align....

On April 14 and 15, the alignment of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter were visible in the pre-dawn southeastern sky.
Both mornings, I took a chance on having clear skies and headed out back to try to get some images.
For these images, I used the "Starry Sky" autofocus mode on the Olympus EM1M3 with the Zuiko 14-150mm lens. The Starry Sky mode allows sharp focus of stars for hand-held exposures; almost impossible to achieve with standard focusing. Both images were 3 second exposures; with a double exposure of the moon for corrected brightness.

Using the website Time and Date (Night Sky Map), I was able to see when the best alignment woould occur. I planned my shots based on this.

Image editing included levels and curves in Photoshop, as well as double exposure of the moon. Without stacking a spot metered moon, the moon was very overexposed in the base image. 

The previous morning, I had been able to shoot the linear alignment. 

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