Sunday, December 8, 2019

Some Winter Birds

   I am trying a new mirrorless system....the Olympus EM5 Mark III combined with the Zuiko 300mm Pro lens. The weight of this combo is a fourth of the weight of the Canon DSLR and 500 F4 combo I've used for many years. 
   In addition, the Olympus body has IBIS (in-body image stabilization) allowing sharp images as low shutter speeds....a real boon for hand-holding while tracking little birds.  
   Another bonus of the Oly camer is that it is a micro 4/3 system...meaning that it has a 2x crop factor...making the 300mm lens a 35mm equivalent of 600mm. I added the 1.4x and 2x converters, but most likely won't need them for much of my imaging. 
   Yesterday, here in Ohio, we had a beautiful, sunny day. Cold, but great light for testing out the new combo on winter birds. I headed to Buck Creek State Park at the Overlook area. Here's some of my walk around images. 

Golden-Crowned Kinglet

White-Breasted Nuthatch

Tufted Titmouse

Carolina Chickadee

Golden-Crowned Kinglet

Downy Woodpecker

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